Natural treatment for fungal infections

Milea Acapulco Organic Soap

Acapulco Organic Soap

Itchy fungal infections like dandruff and ringworms can be irritating and bothersome. Try Milea’s natural organic Acapulco soap rich with anti-fungal properties.

This is effective in treating dandruff in your scalp and in your eyebrows as well. You may apply it to other skin problems caused by fungi.


Organic Papaya Soap

All Organics Papaya Whitening Soap

All Organics Papaya Whitening Soap – PhP 56 only!

Clean and pamper your skin in an all-natural way with the Milea Organic Papaya Enzyme Whitening Soap.

The Milea Organic Papaya Enzyme Whitening Soap can naturally whiten your skin without harmful chemicals. The papain enzyme in papaya eliminates dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil in your pores to make your skin clearer and more refined. It lightens your tone while thoroughly cleansing skin.

Made by hand using cold-process method, this virgin coconut oil-rich soap is packed with antioxidants that give you healthier and younger skin. Virgin coconut oil softens and deeply moisturizes your skin. It also removes dead skin cells to smoothen out your skin and give it a radiant glow. Virgin coconut oil also repairs damaged skin tissue and protect your skin cells from blemishes caused by aging and sun exposure.

Christmas Gift Pack Package Suggestion

Olive Moringa, Licorice Clay, Green Tea Mint Soap Gift Pack

Olive Moringa, Licorice Clay, Green Tea Mint Soap Gift Pack

We love this time of the year!

We’ve created this lovely gift pack of organic bath soaps with fresh, natural fragrance especially for you. Our organic soaps are amazingly gentle yet exfoliates skin in a mild way.

The variants include:

  • Olive Moringa
  • Licorice Clay
  • Green Tea Mint

Floral Face and Body Mild Exfoliant Soap Gift Pack is priced at Php 100.00 per pack. Enjoy the promo: Buy 6 packs and get 1 FREE!

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Dirty Dog Soap

Milea Dirty Dog Soap

Milea Dirty Dog Soap

Most dogs would rather skip bath time. However, this could be avoided if you start them young. Check if the water is lukewarm so their sensitive skin won’t burn. Let them feel comfortable with the sound of the running water. Play with them during bath time and bring their favorite toys. You may also use a non-slip mat to prevent them from sliding or slipping.

Most importantly, use an Milea’s Organic Dirty Dog Soap that is especially formulated with Neem Oil. It has natural healing oil that soothes skin and will leave your dog’s coat shiny clean and smelling fresh. It is good for dogs with sensitive skin. It is scented with nice smelling and naturally bug repelling essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and patchouli.

Organic Soaps

milea-soapsKeeping your body clean helps you be healthy and makes you feel good about yourself. Milea All Organics make soaps daily. Soaps are made in small batches with no machines and no use of electricity. There are no soap hardeners bubble enhancers or artificial skin softeners. Organic preservatives are used instead of parabens.


TIP: To keep Milea’s All Organic soaps for a long time remove them from plastic and store inside your cabinet.

Pamper your skin in an all natural way with our organic soaps!