Tips on how to Strengthen your Body this Holiday Season

spoon-honey-jarThis is the merry season of eating, reunions and get together. Drink Honey Water to help strengthen the body and boost the immune system.

Mix one (1) tablespoon of organic honey in a warm teacup of water. Honey water strengthens the body, preserves its youth, as well as refreshes the spirit, stimulates the liver. 

Finally, honey stimulates the heart, and provides it with much needed energy and balance. When the heart is healthy, the vessels pump the blood easily, and the arteries carry the blood that is rich in nutrients to all parts of the body.


Rare Stingless Bee Honey Gift

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-10-57-32-amThis rare special gift is made especially for your dearest! Stingless Bee Honey is rare and medicinal.


🐝 It helps heal respiratory, digestive and reproductive disorder.

🐝Relieves sinusitis and asthma.

🐝Promotes good health, strengthens bones and heart.

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The Healing Benefits of Honey

milea_honey_benefitsYou may have read somewhere that honey is beneficial for health. Honey boosts your immune system. It has detoxifying properties and can be instrumental in flushing out toxins from your system.

Raw, organic honey is loaded with helpful minerals, vitamins and enzymes that keep your intestines clean and gut healthy. It helps fight free radicals that are the cause of infections and seasonal allergies.

Through regular intakes of honey, cold and flu symptoms like cough, sore throat and cold can be kept at bay.