Buy Organic, Support Lokal

tuesday-december-27-2016-milea-260% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed into it. Milea Bath and Body offers organic skin care products with the best quality available resources.

All ingredients are grown without the use of harmful pesticides and artificial fertilizers. It is grown in an environmentally sustainable way.


Put your best face forward!

Milea All Organics Lemongrass Facial Toner

Milea All Organics Lemongrass Facial Toner

Put your best face forward! Keep skin clear and pimple-free with Milea All Organics Lemongrass Facial Toner.

Lemongrass has astringent and antiseptic qualities, and helps rid skin of pimple and acne causing bacteria. It cleanses and stimulates the skin, taking away the extra oil.

Milea All Organics uses Lemongrass distillate in its toner, and it contains micro particles of lemongrass essential oil. Lemongrass can firm, cleanse, and refine dull skin, as well as tighten pores, prevent wrinkles and even skin tone.

Also works as makeup remover and waterless cleanser!

Lip Care Gift Set

Milea Lip Care Gift Set

Milea Lip Care Gift Set

How do you keep your lips healthy? Even the most expensive lipstick cannot cure the dryness of your lips. Use all natural and organic lip care from Milea Bath and Body!

Soft and pink lips is every girl’s dream. Here are some tips to take care of those precious lips:

  1. When you brush your teeth in the morning, rub your lips softly with your toothbrush to remove the dry skin from your lips.
  2. Apply organic lip balm to soften and moisturize your lips.
  3. Apply organic lip cream or lipstick after moistening your lips
  4. Licking your lips is a bad habit. The wind immediately dries out your lips and it worsens the situation. Apply natural lip balm instead.
  5. Drink plenty of water. Natural hydration is extremely important to keep lips nourished.

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3 Benefits of Rosehips Cream

milea_rosehipsWhat are Rosehips? These are the seed pods that are left when rose petals fall off. Ancient cultures use this for healing and beautifying properties.

Here are the top 3 benefits of Rosehips Cream:

  1. It rejuvenates and repairs skin tissue.
  2. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles and early aging.
  3. It helps lighten blemishes and dark spots.

These healing and beautifying properties are now available in a handy 30ml bottle of Milea’s Rosehip Cream.

The products of Milea Natural Beauty are made with 100% all-natural ingredients. They do not contain any chemicals and even their preserving processes are certified organic. The company takes to heart its pledge of providing organic and natural products that gives optimum customer satisfaction while also benefiting the environment.