Authentic Honey

Looking for real, authentic Honey? Milea Bee Farms offers you 100% Pure, Raw, Honey! Buy at


Pure Raw Honey from the Philippines

Pure Honey Philippines

Pure, Raw Honey from Milea Bee Farm in Batangas

Honey holds supremacy over other natural foods. Drinking a glass of water everyday can improve your health and prevent against disease.

If you are feeling bloated or full of gas, a glass of warm honey water will help neutralize the gas in your system.

Raw, Organic Honey is full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals to protect you against any nasty bacteria.



Rare Stingless Bee Honey Gift

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-10-57-32-amThis rare special gift is made especially for your dearest! Stingless Bee Honey is rare and medicinal.


🐝 It helps heal respiratory, digestive and reproductive disorder.

🐝Relieves sinusitis and asthma.

🐝Promotes good health, strengthens bones and heart.

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First Aid Bottles Gift Pack

Milea First Aide Bottles Gift Pack

Milea First Aide Bottles Gift Pack

Planning to go out of town this Christmas season? Every traveler should have these first aid bottles of Throat Spray and Rescue in a Bottle. The Throat Spray is first aide for sore throat, cough, mouth sore and even works as breath freshener and pimple healer! Rescue in a Bottle is first aide for nausea, migraine, insect bites, sore muscles and many more!

The Healing Benefits of Honey

milea_honey_benefitsYou may have read somewhere that honey is beneficial for health. Honey boosts your immune system. It has detoxifying properties and can be instrumental in flushing out toxins from your system.

Raw, organic honey is loaded with helpful minerals, vitamins and enzymes that keep your intestines clean and gut healthy. It helps fight free radicals that are the cause of infections and seasonal allergies.

Through regular intakes of honey, cold and flu symptoms like cough, sore throat and cold can be kept at bay.