Pest-Free Home

sunday-january-8-2017-mileaCleaning tips for a pest-free home: The goal of pest prevention is to keep pests from getting what they want. Seal up entry points. Check your home for cracks along windows and doors. Spray the area with Beezy Bee House Bug Spray to keep away pests.

This spray is non-toxic for humans and for pests. The high antimicrobial property of its ingredients disinfects on contact with surfaces. It contains Citronella, Neem Oil and Distillates. Our bug spray is a plant-derived insect repellent effective against roaches, flies, mosquitoes, ants and even rats.



Clean before New Year!

friday-december-30-2016-mileaHave you cleaned your house yet? It has been said that a dirty house and shabby surroundings invite poverty. Do your cleaning before New Year’s day. Prepare your home by doing a general cleaning of both the inside and outside of your house.

Clean up any clutters lying around in the living room and in the rest of the house. Get rid of broken appliances or gadgets. Milea Beezy Bee House offers leather and wood polish, and pest spray disinfectant.


Dirty Dog Soap

Milea Dirty Dog Soap

Milea Dirty Dog Soap

Most dogs would rather skip bath time. However, this could be avoided if you start them young. Check if the water is lukewarm so their sensitive skin won’t burn. Let them feel comfortable with the sound of the running water. Play with them during bath time and bring their favorite toys. You may also use a non-slip mat to prevent them from sliding or slipping.

Most importantly, use an Milea’s Organic Dirty Dog Soap that is especially formulated with Neem Oil. It has natural healing oil that soothes skin and will leave your dog’s coat shiny clean and smelling fresh. It is good for dogs with sensitive skin. It is scented with nice smelling and naturally bug repelling essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and patchouli.