Stingless Bee Pollen, Your Source of Energy

Have you tried our Milea Organic Pollen yet? This Gift of Energy is what you need to boost the energy you need this holiday season.

It is not harvested from the wild. This rare pollen is collected by Trigona Bees taken from managed specimens in clean and unpopulated mountains.

A good source of multi-vitamins, boosts immune system and increases stamina.


Holiday Detox

Super Detox Tea

Super Detox Tea

Are you feeling bloated and overindulged after eating at all those Christmas parties you attended to? Feel lighter and gain new energy with our Super Detox Tea!

This works well for those tired, aching muscles, hypertension, arthritis, constipation, feeling bloated, fever or cough.

It contains Turmeric, Ginger, Lemongrass and Moringa extracts. This is packed with powerful properties for detoxification and anti-inflammation.

Boost your well-being inside out with our Super Detox Tea!

Rare Stingless Bee Honey Gift

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-10-57-32-amThis rare special gift is made especially for your dearest! Stingless Bee Honey is rare and medicinal.


🐝 It helps heal respiratory, digestive and reproductive disorder.

🐝Relieves sinusitis and asthma.

🐝Promotes good health, strengthens bones and heart.

Order now while supplies last!

First Aid Bottles Gift Pack

Milea First Aide Bottles Gift Pack

Milea First Aide Bottles Gift Pack

Planning to go out of town this Christmas season? Every traveler should have these first aid bottles of Throat Spray and Rescue in a Bottle. The Throat Spray is first aide for sore throat, cough, mouth sore and even works as breath freshener and pimple healer! Rescue in a Bottle is first aide for nausea, migraine, insect bites, sore muscles and many more!

Mild Face Exfoliating Mini Soaps

mild-face-exfoliating-mini-soapsKeep your loved ones happy with this 3 Mild Face Exfoliating Mini Soaps – Tea Tree, Olive and Licorice Clay!

Exfoliating soaps for the face should be milder than those used for the body. The best time to exfoliate the face is in the evening. Rub firmly but gently on wet skin in a circular motion. The sensitive area around the eyes need not be exfoliated. People with oily skin need to exfoliate more often.