Foot Soak

Tired of wearing high heels all day? Time to get a good foot soak for those aching feet!

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CocoBee Propolis Balm

CocoBee Propolis Balm brings a totally new dimension to skincare! When applied to traumatized or troubled facial skin, it helps boost the immunity of the skin and protects the skin from complications during healing. It accelerates healing and helps the skin repair itself. This particular formula is designed for daily use as preventive maintenance for the face and affected areas of the body.

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Avocado Soap

This avocado soap is anti-aging, moisturizes and softens skin. Good for dehydrated or undernourished skin. It regenerates skin and softens skin tissues.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Noni

Noni’s properties are useful on skin conditions such as eczema and ringworms. Available at


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Got sore muscles? It’s time to get a soothing body massage!

Feeling tired and sore? Massage therapy can help! It increases and improves circulation. Rub on your nape and forehead to experience upliftment of negative emotions.

Great for whole body massage. This non-oily formulation leaves no sticky or greasy after-feel. The cooling sensation helps relax the mind and the body.