Protect your loved ones this Holiday Season

Give a gift of protection this holiday season. Milea’s Organic Citronella is all natural, organic and safe to use by children and adults.

The total number of Zika reported cases in the Philippines is 35. A mosquito-borne dieases, Zika virus symptoms are fever,skin rash, headache, muscle, joint pains and vomiting. According to DOH Secretary Ubial, the central strategy is still mosquito control.

Give this gift to all your family and loved ones to protect them against Zika virus!


Zika Alert!

Zika virus infection has reached Makati and Mandaluyong. Prevent mosquito-borne diseases to spread this rainy season by using the “Four S” approach by the Department of Health.

  1. Search and destroy mosquito breeding grounds
  2. Self protection against mosquito bites
  3. Seek early consultation
  4. Say YES to fogging only when there’s a clustering of cases



Use Milea’s Organic Citronella for self-protection against mosquito bites.

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