Organic Baby Shampoo

It’s 100% natural and safe! This tear-free Honey Hair & Body Wash is formulated with the mildest organic and natural plant-based cleansers. Only the best for our babies! 
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Soothing Nappy Cream

Diaper often leaves rashes that irritate your baby. Milea’s organic soothing nappy cream is made with a completely natural cream base with Acapulco to heal and protect your baby from diaper rashes. Available at

No Soap or Water? No Problem!

Does your baby need changing and there’s no soap or water available? Fear not! Use Milea’s Organic Baby Cleaner! Only P135!

It’s hygienic and convenient. No alcohol or triclosan. Very suitable to keep your baby comfortable and happy with soft, healthy skin. Use on hands, body, butt of face whenever baby needs to be cleaned.  

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Baby and Milea’s Organic Baby Cleaner

Organic Baby Products: Baby Sleep Balm, Sniffles Balm, Mom & Baby Balm

Harsh synthetics have no place on your Baby’s delicate skin. Milea Baby’s organic sniffles balm has no chemical ingredients that can endanger your baby.

Each of Milea Baby care products is carefully evaluated to ensure it is made from only the purest plant ingredients with no harsh or harmful chemicals, pesticides or synthetics. You will have peace of mind that what you are using on your baby is 100% safe!

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Milea Baby's Organic Sniffles Balm

Milea Baby’s Organic Sniffles Balm