CocoBee Tattoo Balm

Thinking of getting a Tattoo this summer? From the moment your new tattoo is complete, your skin needs care and attention to help it recover. Directions: Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin. It may be used as moisturizer or light sunscreen.

Coco Bee Tattoo Balm contains nourishing, regenerating anti-fungal Propolis extract, plant oils and butters known to help ease swelling, calm irritation and in turn aid in the healing process. Use this perfect formula as a soothing salve for freshly inked skin or anywhere your skin might need a little extra boost or when irritation occurs.

  • Soothe, protect and preserve your precious tattoo
  • Help you heal naturally
  • Ensure the long-term beauty of your body art

Order at

Photo of CocoBee Tattoo Balm and Woman with Tattoo

Milea CocoBee Tattoo Balm

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