Learn Something New Today at Milea Bee Farm!

Come and visit Milea Bee Farms! See for yourself what this French videographer is talking about: The Aliens from the Earth – There is a place in the Philippines, where humans and bees work together so well that the Bees don’t sting!

Milea Bee Farms is a working bee farm and is also an agritourism destination in San Jose, Batangas where you will learn about bees and organic farming.

Experience the bees up close and personal, taste honey from the honeycomb and be close to nature.

Email mileabeefarms@gmail.com for more details.

[Full Transcript]

My friend told me that somewhere in the Philippines, there is a place called the Milea Bee Farm, which is a really cool place to visit. Kuya dropped me off on the road to Cuenca, that is in Batangas, where I followed a small path in the jungle for 5 minutes. It was the kind of place where there wasn’t any sign to show you how to get there! Who would have thought that there was this magical world hidden there, where tiny bees native to the Philippines, produce a delicious kind of honey, that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

The first thing I noticed, was the harmony between what people built, and nature. With every step I took, there was something new to discover. A flower, a bird, a butterfly, and of course, the bees! Here, I met Sir Rico, the humble owner, and beekeeper of the Milea Bee Farm. He is truly a nature lover and devotes his life to taking care of the Filipino bees.

Many flowers, fruits and vegetables, are grown organically on the farm, for the pleasure of the bees, and the guests, who are lucky enough to taste the most natural foods you could ever think of! This place is not a restaurant, but the food prepared by Sir Rico’s aunt, is worth all the restaurants I’ve ever tried! By coming here, I’ve learned a very important lesson: Listening to nature leads to a more positive life.


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