7 Uses of Organic Baby Oil for ADULTS

Milea Organic Baby Oil

Milea Organic Baby Oil

Baby Oil has a lot of uses more than using it for your baby.  Here are 7 uses of Organic Baby Oil for adults:

    1. It cleans and conditions make-up brushes. Clean and condition your make-up brushes once every other week.
    2. It removes cuticles from your nails. Instead of buying cuticle remover for your nails, you can use organic baby oil.
    3. It removes make-up and dirt. Before going to bed, pour some organic baby oil on a cotton ball and use it to clean your face, neck area and to remove your make-up. Then rinse your face properly then with cool water and pat dry your face with a smooth cotton towel.
    4. It is an alternative for shaving cream. Before shaving, applying organic baby oil can soften the hair on your arms, legs, or underarm. Just pour some baby oil on your palms and rub it on the area to be shaved.
    5. It is an excellent skin moisturizer. After bath, spread organic baby oil all over your body and allow it to dry naturally. Your skin will be moisturized throughout the day.
    6. It is great for body massage. Be pleasantly relaxed when you use baby oil when getting a massage.
    7. Your frizzy hair can be resolved!. Soak some fresh tissues with organic baby oil. Use these soaked tissues to tame your hair. Don’t use it directly on your hair as it will be greasy.

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