Mild Face Exfoliating Mini Soaps

mild-face-exfoliating-mini-soapsKeep your loved ones happy with this 3 Mild Face Exfoliating Mini Soaps – Tea Tree, Olive and Licorice Clay!

Exfoliating soaps for the face should be milder than those used for the body. The best time to exfoliate the face is in the evening. Rub firmly but gently on wet skin in a circular motion. The sensitive area around the eyes need not be exfoliated. People with oily skin need to exfoliate more often.


Lip Care Gift Set

Milea Lip Care Gift Set

Milea Lip Care Gift Set

How do you keep your lips healthy? Even the most expensive lipstick cannot cure the dryness of your lips. Use all natural and organic lip care from Milea Bath and Body!

Soft and pink lips is every girl’s dream. Here are some tips to take care of those precious lips:

  1. When you brush your teeth in the morning, rub your lips softly with your toothbrush to remove the dry skin from your lips.
  2. Apply organic lip balm to soften and moisturize your lips.
  3. Apply organic lip cream or lipstick after moistening your lips
  4. Licking your lips is a bad habit. The wind immediately dries out your lips and it worsens the situation. Apply natural lip balm instead.
  5. Drink plenty of water. Natural hydration is extremely important to keep lips nourished.

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Make self-care a priority



When we take care of ourselves, we can better serve the people around us.

Changes, challenges and hardships are there to deepen us and make us strong. Nurture yourself inside out. Say NO to commitments that do not serve your values. Replace your fears with trust and let go of things you cannot control.

Discover your burden and find ways to dissolve them. Your life will be more abundant and meaningful if you do.

Bee inspired with the sweetest gift for your Honey!

Honey for your Hunny! Love is sweeter with Honey this Christmas Season. Bee inspired with these two variants: Multi-Floral Honey and Honey with Cinnamon. The honey comes from Milea Bee Farm in San Jose, Batangas.

Here are 5 benefits of Honey that make life sweeter:

  1. Honey boosts your immune system
  2. Eating honey has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of cancer because of flavonois, a plant-based metabolite that can inhibit tumors
  3. Honey assists in weight loss
  4. Honey has powerful anti-bacterial properties
  5. Honey provides essential energy.

Love is indeed much sweeter with Honey this Christmas Season. Order now!